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Paysecure helped us greatly when collecting credit card and other personal information over the phone. It allows us to do so in a secure manner that our customers really appreciate.

Adrian Scerri- Head of IT

Paysecure link is a simple functionality but it is definitely useful, extremely easy to use and absolutely secured. No comparison, beyond 5 stars payment tools.

Wuttipong – Revenue Manager Surin Phuket

Paysecure really helped us make the most of our call in customers by allowing us to monetize in the most effective way possible that is both professional as well as GDPR/PCI compliant

Lara Mangion , CEO

We have been using Paysecure for 6 months and it’s efficient and clients feel more comfortable and secure to transfer their credit card data. We are definitely pleased with the service and found that it is a very convenient tool.

Elizabeta Mitsevska, Reservation Executive

PaySecure: Your GDPR Solution

Before the days of GDPR, collecting credit card details remotely from prospective customers was a breeze. Now unfortunately; things have become more complex. With the weight of importance placed upon personal data by GDPR, collecting credit card details over the phone is no longer an option if you are to remain GDPR compliant. Art. 4(1)(1).

This is because all personal data collected must be stored in an encrypted manner;

These are now problems of the past. PaySecure is a game changer.

It puts your guests at ease and gives them the confidence to book with you directly using their credit card. The process is seamless – it’s just like they’re standing right in front of you.


Card details sent with EV SSL security protocol, giving the strongest levels of encryption available. Activates both the padlock and green address bar in browsers providing visible assurance.


The guest receives an email containing their unique link to a secure page. Client enter credit card details, reservation confirms.


Card details are received instantly, so hotel staff can confirm reservations immediately.

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